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Retaining Walls/Retainer Walls Builder

When you are looking around your neighborhood, there are many things that you notice at the houses that surround you.

However, a common, yet often overlooked, part of most landscapes, is the retaining wall.


If you live in a location where soil begins to move downhill due to natural erosion, you may need a retainer wall to hold everything in place, and ensure nothing moves from your property! The wall is simply used to fight the earth’s gravitational pull. The force of the slope is offset with the design of the retaining wall that is installed.

In addition to the main function of the retaining wall, they also:

  • Ensure that water flows the correct way: Retainer walls assist in slowing down water flow from rain that has hit the ground. If aligned properly, they help with lawn and garden care. Make the retaining wall work for you, by providing adequate water where it is needed.

  • Increase usable space: Retaining walls can be utilized as a terrace of land on the slopes that they are built on. Your yard will be much easier to maintain if it is level. Mowing upland down hills is not an ideal situation!

  • Increase seating: Retainer walls can be used for seating when you are entertaining in your yard! If your retaining wall is placed in just the right position- it can prove to be a great gathering place for your family and those that you invite over! Increase your entertaining space while assisting in your actual need.

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The Best Retaining Walls Builder in Framingham MA

Many people are unsure about whether or not they need a retaining wall. In this case, it is best to have a professional come to your property and assess your need for a retaining wall. We, the best retaining wall builder in Framingham, can help you! We will determine if your property is a good candidate for a retainer wall and if so, come up with the best plan to install one. We have years of retaining wall service experience and are able to tackle the most complicated of projects. Our professionals can help you avoid a very costly catastrophe if the retaining wall is installed incorrectly. Shifting soil could mean a shifting house!


When considering adding a retaining wall to your property, there are three apparent ways to self assess your need, while you are waiting for a professional opinion:


  • You have a downhill foundation: If erosion can be seen against the foundation of your home, a retaining wall can help rectify the situation. It will stop the soil around a downhill foundation from washing away with the rainwater.

  • You need to control downhill erosion: If eroded materials are creating hills on your property, a retaining wall can help. The angle of the slope is changed, and the soil is held back from making additional hills on the property.

  • There are soil fault lines above your home: Land usually slides away from fault lines during acts of nature, such as earthquakes. If your home is below a fault line, a retaining wall can help you feel, and be, safer.

After we determine that you would benefit from adding a retaining wall to your property, the next step is to determine what materials should be used to build your retainer wall. The retaining wall can be made with three different materials and should be made strong enough to hold back the anticipated pressure from the other side of the wall. Your climate, desire,  and current landscape will assist in determining which materials will work best.

The three materials that are commonly used to build retaining walls are:

  • Natural Stone: This is the most aesthetically pleasing, and also the most costly of all the retaining walls.

  • Interlocking Blocks: This is a modern-looking option that comes in at mid-price.

  • Timber: This is the most cost-effective option for a retainer wall, but it will also need to be replaced the soonest out of all the options.

We have extensive & professional experience in building retaining walls. When your retaining wall is installed correctly by a professional, it will last for many years, provide additional functionality to your landscape, and add value to your property.

Contact us today to see if a retaining wall is a right option for you and your household. One of our retaining walls professionals will be able to assess your current conditions and free estimate the cost of installing retaining walls, along with providing insight as to what options are best for your environment.

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