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Bluestone Patios Installation


Bluestone is a commercial name used for many different varieties of stone. Typically, these stones include limestone, slate, sandstone, basalt, and dolerites. The stone is drilled from quarries, which makes it an environmentally conscious product. The colors of the stone correspond to where it is dug. The deeper the quarry, the more vibrant the color. These natural stones were made when glaciers receded and the stone was subject to freezing and thawing over the years.


Bluestone patios boast: 

  • Elegance: Bluestone looks more regal than a simple poured concrete option. The stones are rough to the touch, making it a great choice for walkways, driveways, and areas around a pool. The shapes and sizes available make bluestone patios one of a kind. There is bluestone available in natural and cleaner options, which makes it the perfect stone for any type of project while creating a space that offers a truly appealing look.

  • Durability: Bluestone is a very durable choice. With proper maintenance, bluestone can last for decades. Cold and hot temperatures do not affect the integrity of the stone, and bluestone rarely needs replacement.

  • Variability: Bluestone is available in many color options, making it an ideal candidate for patio choices. Typically, one will see these stones in blue or a variety of grey colors. But, it is also available in neutral brown and red tones! No matter your landscape and project, there is a bluestone out there to suit your needs, and your eye for design.


Depending on the size of the project, bluestone can typically be installed within a day. Gravel will be laid and compacted. Then sand will be placed over the compacted gravel before the stones are placed. Locking sand is typically used to hold the stones in place. Area and climate will determine if the bluestone will be dried or wet-laid. If bluestone is laid when dry, no concrete will be used. This means no cracking! If the bluestone needs to be laid when wet, concrete is placed as a base and between the joints in the stone.


Our experienced team of bluestone contractors will be able to create a design with you and come up with a design that will fit both your budget and desires. They will ensure that the project looks seamless, and corresponds with the rest of your property for optimal appearance. Hiring an experienced bluestone contractor is the best way to get the job done properly and on time. You want your new driveway, patio, walkway, or garden project to last a long time, and bluestone contractors are there to make sure it happens. 


If you are looking to build a bluestone patio, DeJesus Paving Corporation will be able to determine if permits are needed, if the project size corresponds with local and state rule and regulations for the area, if there are utility lines below the ground where you are placing the patio, and what stones will work best for the project. There is a lot of thought that needs to go into the process and our professional team of bluestone installation knows exactly what to do to create the bluestone patio of your dreams.


While bluestone is an extremely durable material, it does require some maintenance to keep it in the best condition. Bluestone is porous and will need to be sealed after installation. The sealant used should be mild, as the lime in the bluestone will absorb the sealant. This could cause damage, so it is best to have a professional apply a proper sealant for the best results. A sealant with natural fish will last and protect the bluestone for up to four years. The sealant is put down with a roller or a sprayer, depending on your particular project. Thin coats go over the bluestone. The sealant will protect the bluestone from food or beverage spills, scratched, and mold or mildew. Other than sealing the bluestone, regular maintenance only includes a quick soap and water wash when needed!

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