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Tar & Chip Driveway Installation Contractors

For homeowners with long driveways, tar and chip driveways are a great solution.

Tar and chip adhere to blacktop or a prepared base. Hot liquid asphalt is laid, followed by gravel. After the gravel is layered, it is rolled for a smooth finish. The best weather conditions for tar and chip driveway installation are warm, dry days. The liquid asphalt that is used adhered best to warm, dry surfaces. Tar and chip driveways can be installed during every season, but extra precautions may need to be taken since the asphalt will also stick to leaves and flowers if it comes in contact with them! After installation by our professional team of Paving Contractors in Framingham, it is best to remain off of the driveway for 24 hours to ensure that the gravel properly adheres to the asphalt.

Once the liquid asphalt is sprayed, it can’t cool before the loose chips are put on top of it. So, it is important that the chips are placed quickly after the asphalt is laid! Air and surface temperatures play a role in the amount of time available before the asphalt dries. 

Tar and chip driveways offer a bold, clean look. The homeowner is able to pick the color of the gravel that best compliments their landscape and property as a whole. Beige river rock, slate, pink rock, white rock, and granite are all options that are available for use on tar and chip driveways.

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Tar And Chip Driveway Repair And Installation in Framingham

Tar and chip driveways are great for all-weather, as the gravel offers traction. This also makes it ideal for sloped driveways! The size of the rock used can also be customized to suit the needs of the homeowner. When larger rocks are used, a stronger surface is created, making it ideal for everyday use with heavy traffic. 


The chips that we use will be uniform in size, based on your preference, to ensure that you have the utmost durability for your investment. We also use a good amount of liquid asphalt, so your driveway will be as strong as it can be. While we can use a blend of various types of stone chips if you choose to use more than one, it is important that they are the same size. 


Because of its maintenance-free nature, it was the first type of pavement used for roads, parking lots, and driveways. It is also important to note that you should not hose down a tar and chip driveway, as you risk spraying your gravel away! Over the years, it has continued to prove it’s worth, and be more popular than ever for driveway choices. There is no need to sealcoat tar and chip driveways, and they last a very long time! Tar and chip driveways are just as durable, if not more durable, than a traditional blacktop. 


In the colder months, plowing is possible on a tar and chip driveway. We pride ourselves on offering plowing services during the colder months for those in need. The blades need to be placed according to the type of driveway that you have, so it is best to contact a professional that knows how to manage your tar and chip driveway.

We have extensive experience with tar and chip driveways. Your tar and chip driveway will be properly installed, and we ensure that it will be able to withstand both the elements and the weight of your vehicles. 

Contact us today to see if our tar and chip driveway is the right option for you and your household. One of our driveway professionals will be able to assess your current driveway conditions and estimate the cost of your new tar and chip driveway, along with providing insight as to what options are best for your environment.

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